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The following links lead to samples of my writing. I have included several different project types to give you an idea of what I can do for you.

Turmeric: A Case Study in Pain Relief.

A good case study can be reassuring to a prospect. Seeing how another person benefited from what you are selling can go a long way to convince your customer that your product can solve their problem as well.

I based this case study on my own experience with turmeric. It did an excellent job of relieving the pain I had in my wrists due to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Turmeric for Pain Relief

What Is Free? A Tongue in Cheek Landing Page

If you want a traditional landing page, I can write it. I would rather produce an informative piece that will give your customers good information about your product. Solid information and truly felt testimonials are much more convincing than presentations that say everything but the name of the product and how to get it.

When people are looking for solutions to their problems, they want clear information about what your product is. They don’t want to wade through reams of hype promises LIKE “I’ll tell you in a minute, but first …”

When someone is looking for help, it isn’t a game to them, and shouldn’t be a game to the seller. Unfortunately, so many landing pages are so long-winded and boring that any prospect who is confronted with any kind of distraction will be inclined to back out of the ad before they even know what benefits the product offers, OR EVEN WHAT IT IS.

People’s lives are busy. Most of us just don’t have time for guessing games when we are confronted with real problems that need real solutions. Humorous Landing Page

Green Housekeeping: Some Tips to Save Money and The Earth.

Most people want to make their family’s lives as comfortable as they can. This blog post provides some simple ways for them to do that without spending a lot of money, and more importantly, without causing injury to the environment we all share. Green Housekeeping

Telemarketers Just Don’t Know When to Quit!

Trying to convince a reluctant prospect that a product is what they need is legitimate. However, once a prospect says, “I don’t need it”, “I don’t want it,” or “I can’t afford it”, FURTHER EFFORTS TO MAKE A SALE FEEL LIKE HARASSMENT. Leading a prospect on and then demanding payment is also a sloppy sales tactic.

If what you are offering is worth the money you’re asking, don’t hide your intentions under an implied promise you can’t keep. This is true whether you are selling by telephone or print.

You can sell anything to anyone who has a genuine need or desire. You may need to help them convince themselves that you have the answer to something important to them. You can do this without trying to trick them into buying something they don’t want.

Satisfied prospects are much more likely to give your company repeat business. It is always more important to gain their trust if you want their future business. Marketing Mistakes

Trulicity™: A Good Argument for Treating Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

The drugs prescribed for diabetes are dangerous. Even the companies that make them have to admit that. Just watch their commercials.

Our healthcare system encourages doctors to prescribe drugs to manage chronic illnesses. In most cases, lifestyle changes are the best way to manage and even cure our maladies.

Since large pharmaceutical companies can’t profit from less invasive treatments, patients and their doctors are not encouraged to focus on natural therapies. Instead, people who are already vulnerable because of disease are made even more miserable by being subjected to dangerous, and often deadly side effects from so-called medicines. Managing or Manhandling Illness

Inflammation and Oxidation:

Too Much Of A Good Thing: Generally, people know what food they should eat. However, they need to know why their bodies need the right fuel to avoid the ravages of inflammation and oxidation. Inflammation and Oxidation

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