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Inflammation And Oxidation: Too Much Of A Good Thing

Thermographic Photo Of The Back Of The Upper Body Of A Woman WitDisease is caused by inflammation.

Inflammation is a result of your body fighting foreign invaders to protect itself.
Not all inflammation is bad. In fact, your body needs inflammation to heal itself. Unfortunately, our modern life style gives it way too much of a good thing.

The heat you feel after bruising or cutting yourself is an example of beneficial inflammation. The fever you get when you have a cold or flu is another. Both are a result of your body’s immune system trying to get rid of things that cause damage.

Many of the things we put in our bodies trigger an immune response

Anything that does not aid your body in its function is treated like a threat, and the immune system goes to work. Sugar, refined flour and chemical preservatives are just three of the many things that send your immune system into over-drive.

The food we eat, chemicals we ingest voluntarily or otherwise, pollutants we are constantly breathing in and drinking, force our bodies to defend themselves from a barrage of invaders. Even seemingly harmless products are laced with inflammatory elements that put our body’s immune response on full alert. Baked goods, commercial salad dressings, and just about anything that comes in a box or can has the potential to invoke your body’s defense mechanisms.

Sugar and refined grains are just two of the hazards plaguing our modern food supply. Processed meats, artificial sweeteners, and chemical preservatives also contain elements our bodies don’t recognize as food. Since our bodies can’t use these things to make blood, bones and tissue, they assume they are being attacked and respond accordingly.
Even before they are processed, many foods contain dangerous inflammation provoking substances. Much of the food that ends up on our dinner tables are made from crops that contain poisonous pesticide and fertilizer residues that our bodies have to eliminate from our systems.

The animals we eat are contaminated with antibiotics and growth hormones that are used to make up for the less than optimal conditions in which they are raised. Cattle are fattened on corn because it is much cheaper then hay. Cattle can’t digest corn. In fact, it makes them ill. The result is that they are given antibiotics to counteract the malnutrition imposed on them by their producers. Chickens are stuffed into cramped cages for their entire lives. They are given hormones to increase their breast sizes so that they will be more appealing to the final consumers who buy their meat.

Our water too is polluted from careless manufacturing processes. Agricultural run-off seeps into our lakes, rivers and water tables. Chemicals used to produce goods, such as cars, electronics and appliances are drained into our water-ways, introducing us to such contaminants as mercury, fluoride and chlorine. Residues from drugs, prescription and otherwise also make their way into our municipal reservoirs.

Contamination is everywhere.

Even the air we breathe contains harmful particles that are emitted from product production, and our own daily activities. Our bodies have to cope with a constant onslaught of poisons they were not designed to process. Eventually, we lose our ability to deal with these invaders effectively, and we get sick. All disease, including diabetes, arthritis and cancer result from your body’s constant battle with inflammatory elements. No wonder we are prone to so many chronic conditions.

Our bodies, as you know, are composed of many parts. Each of these parts is composed of cells. Cells are made of molecules, which are made of atoms. It is the atoms that become oxidized and free radicals. If your $40,000 truck develops a bright orange rust spot, you have seen oxidation in action.

The nature of things change when they are exposed to oxygen.

Cut an apple, potato, or forget to put the guacamole away, and you will see the results of oxidation. You won’t change color, like your food will, but unseen oxidation is just as bad.
Your blood needs oxygen to function properly. But, your body can get too much, and when it does, oxidation occurs. A little oxidation goes a long way, and it is the oxygen your body can’t use that causes the problem

Atoms contain electrons. They must have a certain number of these to be stable. If they lose an electron, they panic, and rob the nearest atom of one of its electrons. An atom without an electron is a free radical. Any atom that it robs also becomes a free radical, and before you know it, all the cells of the organism (your body) becomes diseased, and eventually die.

Like inflammation, free radicals are natural. Generally, your body can dispose of the free radicals it doesn’t use for its normal processes. It is when the body is flooded with these little monsters that it can’t evict enough of them fast enough that disease results. And that, Gentle Readers, is where non-beneficial inflammation comes from. This is why a clean environment is so important for our survival.


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  1. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

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