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Why alternative medicine?

I used to have faith in modern medicine. I won’t say doctors are never right, but I have had some less than happy experiences with the medical establishment.

Managing my elderly mother’s health

Cooking for my mother and helping her manage her type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease is what sparked my interest in natural medicine. Mom had to be on a diet that was low in potassium, phosphorous and sodium.

I did research to learn what foods she could eat, and which ones she should avoid. It’s a good thing I did. If I had relied on what her healthcare providers told us, I would have lost her a lot sooner.

The food advice was bad enough. At one point, Mom was on 17 different medicines. Fortunately, my friend the pharmacist questioned Mom and found out she was taking all of her meds in one sitting.

Some of the pills were more than dangerous. She had a persistent backache. Her doctor put her on a high dose of Fentanyl, which caused her to get dizzy and fall several times before we realized what was causing her to have so many accidents.

I researched herbal medicines that I hoped would help Mom. She was losing kidney function at an alarming rate, and her meds seemed to be making her condition worse.

I learned about nettle tea, Rehmannia and dandelion tea. None of them tasted great, but Mom felt better after a few days of drinking the tea I made for her.

Becoming a natural medicines advocate

Frankly, I believe that if I had access to an integrative doctor at the time, I would have been able to do a much better job of caring for Mom. However, I didn’t know nearly enough, and will always be grateful that what I did know was useful and did not cause any harm.

We’re all going to die sometime. There is a limit to what even natural medicine can do. However, the side effects of herbal and nutritional therapies are not near as likely to cause harm as are the nasty chemical creations that are produced by the big drug companies.

Most doctors aren’t evil. My mother’s physician is a caring, patient man who had Mom’s best interest at heart. His advice was usually sound. Still, there is a limit to anyone’s knowledge, and little nutrition, let alone natural therapies are taught in medical schools.

As a result, doctors prescribe what the drug companies tell them to prescribe. The only real knowledge they have of the medicines they recommend often come from the drug salesperson. The FDA’s approval of pharmaceutical chemical concoctions also functions to assure them that the capsules and pills they are handing out to their patients are safe and effective.

In the end, it is my bad experiences with medical providers and great experiences with natural approaches to health care that have inspired me to become a natural health advocate and copywriter.

Advancing non-invasive protocols

I don’t expect everybody to agree that there are safe alternatives to the extremes of modern medicine. However, whatever health decisions people do make should be based on all available information. I do believe that the more people understand about non-invasive protocols, the more popular they will become.

Thank you for providing the products and information people need to make good health decisions. I would be honored to help you get your word out to the public and look forward to discussing the best approaches to marketing your excellent offerings. Give me a call or send me an email so my partners and I can help you with your marketing needs.